Cosmo Pyke

Cosmo Pyke is an songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from Peckham. Raised on a diet of blues, jazz, hip hop, and neo-soul, he writes warm, lo-fi songs that he describes as “spacey, beautiful, and lazy”. His songs draw less on other music and more on his everyday experiences growing up in south east London: reading books, going to pubs, playing football, and other simple pleasures in life.

Besides being a musician, Pyke is also a skater and spraypaint artist as well as a model. He also made an appearance in Frank Ocean’s “Nikes” video.

Pyke has over 8.4 million clicks on YouTube and around 500.000 monthly listeners on Spotify.

Cosmo Pyke performed at FarmFest 2018.

Visit his official website and official Facebook page.