John McClean and The Clan

John McClean and the Clan are back again with a magical blend of mighty vocals, solid grooves and lively energy which will raise the hair on the back of your neck! John McClean was born in born in Wellington, New Zealand. He formed his first band around 1976, and has worked on many musical projects since coming to the UK with the “Early Days Blues Band” in 1998. He has performed worldwide at folk, Gospel,and bluegrass festivals. John is a highly acclaimed singer and guitarist who sings from the heart and has an extraordinary hold on an audience. His warmth and conviction exude from the stage whenever he plays.

“One of the best Blues voices to come out of NZ”— Alan Muggeridge, Rowan Studios, Taranaki.

John McClean and the Clan have performed at FarmFest since its founding year in 2015.

Visit their official website.