LouD Speka

LouD Speka is a spoken word artist with beats….Meandering between sweet and sour, ironic and serious. Her pieces have a paradoxical mix of gentle and strong, taking on the banks and transnational corporations with her pacifist ammunition.

LouD Speka performs around London, UK occasionally Europe and even more occasionally the odd bit of globe trotting.

Her lyrics are political and mystical. She also touches on the philosophical and meditative with vague comedy stretching to the totally down right surreal. Her conscious spoken word pieces are concerning issues she’s passionate about which include global justice in world trade (trade justice), peace (ending the UK Support and Promotion of the arms trade) and ending ecocide.

“Loudspeka. Poet, tireless activist, NGO worker, rapper, instigator of adventures ….and least cynical poets I have come across in the UK….You can find her performing in festivals, squats and demonstrations. Her poetry may reference idealism but its also grounded in hard facts” Steph Dogfoot (Singapore Slam Champion)

We are glad to announce that LouD Speka is going to perform at our FarmFest on SUNDAY, 1 July 2018.

Visit her official website.