Lovers Electric

lovers electric

Lovers Electric are an electro pop group consisting of husband and wife duo David Turley and Eden Boucher. An unforced and hip blend of music with fashionable appeal (Eden is also the designer behind fashion label Eden Honeydew), Lovers Electric are a blend of their Australian roots and European surroundings, visually and musically, influenced by the artists they grew up with as children of the 80s from Cyndi Lauper to New Order.

“Surprising only to themselves, the laid-back pair has captured an infectious sound on their debut record that certainly radiates with a universal appeal.” — Rolling Stone Magazine

“They dress sharp, sing good, have steady hearts and strong morals, and harbour an insane ability to combust a dancefloor at the drop of a stylus through their winning combination of low-key, high-brow groovature…”— A Negative Narrative, U.K music blog

We are glad to announce that Lovers Electric are going to perform at our FarmFest on SATURDAY, 30 JUNE 2018.

Visit their official website.