The Giving Style

The Giving Style is the brainchild of singer/guitarist Justin Sicile. Later joined by Dominic Power (Drums) and Tash Caesar (Backing vocals/Bass). It takes basic musical elements and rearranges them, in an innovative way, fusing a sense of subtlety with lyrical openness. The music is guitar-driven, occasionally electronic, with acoustic sensibilities. It takes, in equal parts, from soul musicians like Stevie Wonder and Sly and the Family Stone to folk singers such as Donovan and Melanie. The lyrics lean heavily on themes such as love, loss, longing, and focusing energy on the present moment.
The project was created by Sicile in 2008. The songs can range from infectious, pop melodies to sparse, heart-on-sleeve acoustic ballads. They shed light on the human condition and prove that we are a multifaceted race, things can be complicated, and music can be created accordingly.
The Giving Style brings its sound to the stage throughout London where each night it has the space to grow organically into something unique and personal for every person in attendance. In a continually changing world, music increasingly seems to adapt to its surroundings and reflect the times, mostly, through its production value and aesthetic and less with its message. The Giving Style is different. Sicile and company do it the old fashioned way, with pens and guitars and a sense of substance over style. The kind of ethos likely to land a band a loyal following in today’s ever-changing music world.

We are glad to announce that The Givings Style is going to perform at our FarmFest on FRIDAY, 29 JUNE 2018.

Visit her official website.